Sming Framework API
Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency WiFi SoC ESP8266 native development with C++ language.
rboot_config Struct Reference

Structure containing rBoot configuration. More...

#include <rboot.h>

Public Attributes

uint8 magic
 Our magic, identifies rBoot configuration - should be BOOT_CONFIG_MAGIC.
uint8 version
 Version of configuration structure - should be BOOT_CONFIG_VERSION.
uint8 mode
 Boot loader mode (MODE_STANDARD | MODE_GPIO_ROM)
uint8 current_rom
 Currently selected ROM (will be used for next boot)
uint8 gpio_rom
 ROM to use for GPIO boot if mode=MODE_GPIO_ROM and GPIO16=low.
uint8 count
 Quantity of ROMs available to boot.
uint8 unused [2]
 Padding (not used)
uint32 roms [MAX_ROMS]
 Flash addresses of each ROM.

Detailed Description

Structure containing rBoot configuration.

ROM addresses must be multiples of 0x1000 (flash sector aligned). Without BOOT_BIG_FLASH only the first 8Mbit (1MB) of the chip will be memory mapped so ROM slots containing .irom0.text sections must remain below 0x100000. Slots beyond this will only be accessible via spi read calls, so use these for stored resources, not code. With BOOT_BIG_FLASH the flash will be mapped in chunks of 8MBit (1MB), so ROMs can be anywhere, but must not straddle two 8MBit (1MB) blocks.