Sming Framework API
Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency WiFi SoC ESP8266 native development with C++ language.
Todo List
globalScope> Member attachInterrupt (uint8_t pin, InterruptCallback callback, GPIO_INT_TYPE mode)
Add GPIO_INT_TYPE documentation - is this in SDK?
Member DriverPWM::analogWrite (uint8_t pin, int duty)
Describe how duty affects output
globalScope> Member fileClearLastError (file_t fd)
Why does fileClearLastError have unused fd parameter?
globalScope> Member fileLastError (file_t fd)
Why does fileLastError have unused fd parameter?
Return values
intError code of last file system operation
globalScope> Member fileStats (const String name, spiffs_stat *stat)
Document the return value of fileStats
globalScope> Member fileStats (file_t file, spiffs_stat *stat)
Document the return value of fileStats
Member HardwareSerial::delegateTask (os_event_t *inputEvent)
Should HardwareSerial::delgateTask be private?
Member HardwareSerial::flush ()
Implement Serial::flush()
Member HardwareSerial::uart0_rx_intr_handler (void *para)
Should HardwareSerial::uart0_rx_intr_handler be private?
globalScope> Member pinMode (uint16_t pin, uint8_t mode)
ESP8266 supports pull-down on GPIO 0-15
Member RtcData::magic
What is RtcData.magic?
Member SystemClockClass::getSystemTimeString (TimeZone timeType=eTZ_Local)
Allow time format to be defined
Member SystemClockClass::setTimeZone (double localTimezoneOffset)
Why does this need to be set to 2 for UK during winter?
Member WDTClass::alive ()
Define the WDT period (how long before it triggers)
Module wifi_ap
How is wifi access point dhcp controlled?