Sming 3.0.0 (X-mas) is officially released

We are having a fantastic Christmas release full of new features, performance and stability improvements.

Let’s mention a small part of them:

  • Better handling of third-party libraries. Sming is using code from other open source projects. Getting the latest version of that code used to be time consuming and error-prone process. In this version that is no longer the case. We can have the latest version of Spiffs, rBoot, axTLS, Esp-Gdbstub or Stefan Bruens PWM in seconds.
  • SSL support based on axTLS v2.1+. You can now send HTTP, MQTT or Websocket messages over SSL. This means that your small devices can securely report the temperature to a remote server.
  • Better fatal error reporting and support for custom crash handlers.
  • Improved WebSocket support.
  • Optional use of Stefan Bruens high-quality PWM library (as a drop-in replacement for the Espressif’s one)
  • Optional use of Umm-Malloc heap allocation for better usage of the available heap memory and prevention against heap fragmentation problems.
  • Faster SPI.
  • And many small or big bug-fixes, performance and stability improvements.

For a complete list of changes run the following command:

git log 2.1.5..3.0.0

Thanks to all of you that contributed to this fantastic major release and … Merry Christmas everyone!

If you want to see more details take a look at the release preparation.

Written on December 24, 2016