Sming Framework API
Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency WiFi SoC ESP8266 native development with C++ language.
Watchdog Timer

Access to the ESP8266 watchdog timer. More...


void WDTClass::enable (bool enableWatchDog)
 Enable or disable watchdog timer. More...
void WDTClass::alive ()
 Keep watchdog timer alive. More...
virtual void WDTClass::onSystemReady ()
 Handle system ready events. More...
void WDTClass::internalApplyEnabled ()

Detailed Description

Access to the ESP8266 watchdog timer.

Watchdog timer class.

Provides control of the ESP8266 watchdog timer.
The WDT can be used to restart the ESP8266 if the firmware becomes unresponsive. To use WDT, enable the WDT then poke it regularly with WDT.alive();

Function Documentation

void WDTClass::alive ( )

Keep watchdog timer alive.

Call this function regularly to stop WDT from activating
Define the WDT period (how long before it triggers)
void WDTClass::enable ( bool  enableWatchDog)

Enable or disable watchdog timer.

enableWatchDogTrue to enable. False to disable.
virtual void WDTClass::onSystemReady ( )

Handle system ready events.

Implements ISystemReadyHandler.