Sming Framework API
Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency WiFi SoC ESP8266 native development with C++ language.
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Command HandlerProvide command line interface
 Date and time functions
 Network Time Protocol clientProvides NTP client
 Real Time ClockAccess to the real time clock
 System clock functionsProvides system clock functions
 Time and DelayProvides time and delay functions
 Debug functionsProvides debug functions
 DelegateDelegates are event handlers Several handlers may be triggered for each event
 File systemAccess file system
 GPIO functionsProvides general purpose input and output (GPIO) functions
 Hardware PWM functionsProvides hardware pulse width modulation functions
 Hardware serialHardware serial UARTs
 Hardware timerAccess Hardware timer
 Interrupt functionsProvides interrupt functions
 Print stream functionsProvides functions that format output to streams, e.g. Serial
 Pulse width modulationProvides pulse width modulation output functions
 RC Servo functionsProvides Library to control rc servos with pwm signals
 SPI Hardware supportProvides hardware SPI support
 SPI support classesProvides SPI support
 Sming constant valuesConstants and enumerated lists used by Sming functions
 Sming event handlersDefinitions of Sming event handler functions
 Sming structuresStructure definitions used by Sming functions
 Stream functionsData stream classes
 SystemAccess to the ESP8266 system
 Timer functionsProvides timer functions
 Watchdog TimerAccess to the ESP8266 watchdog timer
 Websocket ClientClient to make persistent connection to websocket server
 Websocket FrameEncode / Decode websocket frames
 WiFi Access PointControl and monitoring of WiFi access point interface
 WiFi Station InterfaceControl and monitoring of WiFi station interface