Sming Framework API
Sming - Open Source framework for high efficiency WiFi SoC ESP8266 native development with C++ language.
Command Handler

Provide command line interface. More...


class  CommandDelegate
 Command delegate class. More...
class  CommandHandler
 Command handler class. More...


typedef Delegate< void(String commandLine, CommandOutput *commandOutput)> commandFunctionDelegate
 Command delegate function. More...


enum  VerboseMode {
 Verbose mode. More...


CommandHandler commandHandler
 Global instance of CommandHandler. More...

Detailed Description

Provide command line interface.

Command handler provides a common command line interface. CLI is available for the following remote access methods:

By default, CLI is disabled. Enable CLI by calling "commandProcessing" on the appropriate access class object, e.g.


Commands can be added to and removed from the command handler. Each command will trigger a defined Delegate.

A welcome message may be shown when a user connects and end of line character may be defined. An automatic "help" display is available.

Typedef Documentation

typedef Delegate<void(String commandLine, CommandOutput* commandOutput)> commandFunctionDelegate

Command delegate function.

commandLineCommand line entered by user at CLI, including command and parameters
commandOutputPointer to the CLI print stream
commandFunctionDelegate defines the structure of a function that handles individual commands
Can use standard print functions on commandOutput

Enumeration Type Documentation

Verbose mode.


Verbose mode.


Silent mode.

Variable Documentation

CommandHandler commandHandler

Global instance of CommandHandler.