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CommandDelegate Class Reference

Command delegate class. More...

#include <CommandDelegate.h>

Public Member Functions

 CommandDelegate (String reqName, String reqHelp, String reqGroup, commandFunctionDelegate reqFunction)

Public Attributes

String commandName
 Command name. More...
String commandHelp
 Command help. More...
String commandGroup
 Command group. More...
commandFunctionDelegate commandFunction
 Command Delegate (function that is called when command is invoked) More...


class HashMap< String, CommandDelegate >

Detailed Description

Command delegate class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CommandDelegate::CommandDelegate ( String  reqName,
String  reqHelp,
String  reqGroup,
commandFunctionDelegate  reqFunction 

Instantiate a command delegate

reqNameCommand name - the text a user types to invoke the command
reqHelpHelp message shown by CLI "help" command
reqGroupThe command group to which this command belongs
reqFunctionDelegate that should be invoked (triggered) when the command is entered by a user

Member Data Documentation

commandFunctionDelegate CommandDelegate::commandFunction

Command Delegate (function that is called when command is invoked)

String CommandDelegate::commandGroup

Command group.

String CommandDelegate::commandHelp

Command help.

String CommandDelegate::commandName

Command name.